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About me

I am Ruben Kuilder, a 19 years old web developer based in The Netherlands. I am specialised in front-end development but I am also familiar with back-end development and designing. Writing stories and figuring out unique ways to do things is a hobby of mine. Organizing gaming championships and working in a team is something I have done for several years. That said, I am familiar with the stress to provide for a big audience and fixing up my own mistakes when making one.


Event organisation Wordpress theme + Design

Wordpress theme + Design

I was one of the finalists in the Dutch web develop / design competitions.

Skills heroes

Interactive SVG animations

Link to live site
Front end

Evolvere web team design

Link to live site

Pebble round watch design


Landing page poster design


Learning unity and C#

Link to live site

Eye drawing done in Photoshop


Game map creation

Game art

Kawasaki KXF250 2017 3d model (WIP)

3D art

Cartoon drawing

2D art

Matrix bike stand 3d model

3D art


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